Why the right job titles can make or break your CV

Published: 21 Dec 2019

Why the right job titles can make or break your CV

Although many people don’t like to be labelled, in the world of recruitment, we are all job titles. Whether you are a digital marketing executive, HR manager or chief executive officer - our titles are what defines us at work. It is also what drives an increasingly automated recruitment process and the reason why getting the job titles right in your CV is critical.

Why job titles matter

Some large corporations have adopted innovative job titles. For instance, in an Apple store staff can be called ‘geniuses’. However, as applicant tracking systems (ATS systems) have automated the sifting of CVs so the importance of using appropriate industry recognised job titles has increased. The days of diversity in job titles may be becoming numbered.

The homogenisation of job titles through ATS systems

One of the main reasons job titles are becoming more generic is that ATS systems work primarily through key phrase recognition. And the most important key phrases are, of course, job titles. So ATS systems use this as one of the principal ways to sift CVs within a database and rank them against uploaded job specifications.

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